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Born to Be Her Daddy

There's something to be said for men who help raise children that are not their own but treat them as if they were. Same goes for women, but that's not the focus here. The maternal instinct in a female is much stronger than the paternal instinct of a male. It's been said that children under the age of 12 months favor the father more for this very reason--- so they feel more connected to their child. But what about children who don't share a parent's DNA?

Statistically, 85% of children that have behavior disorders (CDC), 63% of teen suicide (U.S. Dept of Health/Census), and 71% of high school dropouts (National Principals Association Report) come from fatherless homes. Those statistics are mind blowing, so when you find a man that will father your child like he created them, you've found a treasure. Therefore, my little brother will forever be my hero. 


Since Seth was a little boy, his biggest dream was to be a father. At ten years old, you would ask him what he wanted to be, his answer would be, “A daddy.” He loved children to his very core. My children were his test dummies for fatherhood. He was constantly at our house snapping silly pictures, playing games, talking about music, and encouraging them to do anything that had to do with being creative. Jim Valvano said, "My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me." That was Seth. He believed in his family—nieces, nephews, cousins—and nurturing their creativity.

Seth and Taylor's relationship had a very kismet beginning. Taylor read comments Seth made to a social media post of a mutual friend and liked what he had to say. She worked up the courage to message him. Seth had already been diagnosed with leukemia, and Taylor was already pregnant with the decision to be pro-life, even when the baby's father wanted to abort the pregnancy. They both had their own fears, but they didn't let it stop them from meeting.

From the day they met, Seth stepped into a role he had longed to be in his entire life, an expecting dad, and he enjoyed every moment.  From crazy pregnancy molds and photo shoots to the entire delivery process, it completely blew him away to become that little girl's daddy.

The story of Seylor's birth was quite an amusing story. Seth, Taylor, my other brother, Josh, and his wife were in New Orleans getting prepared and running test for Seth to have a bone marrow transplant. Taylor's contractions started while they were in New Orleans, so they headed up towards Monroe, LA, five hours away, to go to the hospital. On the way there, Taylor wanted to stop and get McDonald's chicken nuggets because she knew they wouldn't let her eat anything once they got there. So those two crazies stopped at McDonald's before heading to the hospital.

"The most life-changing moment in my existence...this is where I lost myself and my own selfish wants and needs and replaced them with the needs and wants of this little girl." - Seth Plunkett 

It wasn't long until he held that baby girl in his arms. The above picture was his first picture as a dad and below is the caption to his social media post. 

God had somehow turned a man that could not have children into a daddy from day one, and he turned a little girl that was to have no father into his daughter.  It was love at first sight.

Although Seth had his transplant and was in remission for 16 months, I think somehow he knew he would not be on this earth for very long. He captured every moment he could on camera to leave behind his legacy of fatherhood, however brief it was, so that little girl would know how much he loved her with every cell in his body.

Once the cancer returned, he was in the hospital most of his days, but he left one last request to all of his friends and family before he died. 

"This ain't something I plan to happen because I believe Jesus is still in the healing business...but God the father may have a different set of plans and I'm aware of the possibility that he could take me home to heaven...and I'm fine with that if that's his choice...But i was wanting to ask a favor of all of you.  If I go, If any of you just happen to meet my daughter Seylor Camille Plunkett as she ages, tell her how she was my absolute WORLD and about how evident it was that I cared about nothing but her after she was born.  Tell her how proud I was to be her daddy, and that I'm watching from the clouds getting prouder every day." - Seth Plunkett 

That post has been shared over 1K times. I believe his friends and family will keep their promise and tell her every chance they get that he loved her to the moon and back. She will know she was loved by a man that wasn't her father---but was born to be her daddy.

Christmas 2020

Bonfire and S'more's with Aunt Bit

and her cousins on December 23rd.

Christmas with Mammaw Gwen and Pappaw Johnny, Aunt Bit, and cousins!

Christmas with Pappaw Lane, Mammaw Debbie, Aunt Suzonne and Uncle Johnny, Mammaw Pat, and all of her cousins!

Merry Christmas in heaven, little brother! I hope we're down here making you proud!